0w-30 Synthetic Oil Diesel C3 6 Litre SAS1071


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6 Litre pack of Subaru 0w-30 Synthetic Oil Diesel C3

Castrol EDGE Professional C3 0w-30 is an advanced fully synthetic diesel engine oil formulated to meet the requirements of Subaru Diesel engines fitted with diesel particulate filters. It is a specialised formulation which prolongs the life of today's complex emission systems and provides enhanced fuel efficiency and oil consumption control.

Castrol EDGE Professional C3 0w-30 is recommended by Subaru Australia and:

  • Provides excellent start-up performance and enhanced fuel efficiency, particularly for vehicles used in stop-start city and suburban driving conditions.
  • Delivers sustained power through the service interval.
  • Minimises engine emissions and maintains catalyst performance.
  • Maintains excellent cleanliness in turbochargers and minimises engine deposits.
  • Maintains new engine performance and improves long term durability.
  • Ensures excellent wear protection is maintained at high temperature.
  • Circulates rapidly within the engine to minimise cold start-up wear.

The engine oil level in your Subaru vehicle should be checked regularly. During "Run-in" phase, covering the first 12,500km, it is perfectly normal that your engine may consume more oil. It is strongly recommended that you check your engine oil level as a minimum once every month or 1000km, whichever occurs first, particularly during the "run-in" phase. Refer to your Subaru Owner's manual under "Maintenance and Service" for the procedure covering checking and topping up engine oil.


P/N SAS1071

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