Century Battery Q85R MF

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Century Hi Performance Q85R MF Battery


Note - This is a cheaper alternative to the Q85R that is specified by Subaru. It has a lower Cold Cranking Amp rating (550CCA vs 650CCA in the Q85R) and a shorter warranty (24 months vs a 36 month warranty in the Q85R).
You car battery is the heart of your Subaru, you never get a flat battery at a good time!
Replace your Subaru battery with a quality Century Battery for peace of mind reliability.

Century ISS Active Stop-Start and Hybrid Auxiliary batteries are specially designed to satisfy the fuel saving and emission reducing benefits of vehicles fitted with Idle Stop-Start (ISS) or Hybrid systems. The range incorporates innovative design features and advanced raw materials to deliver superior cycling performance, high charge acceptance for rapid recharge in between engine off modes, and the extra power to run on-board electrics whilst the engine is switched off.
The Q85R battery is not your average car battery.
  • Dependable starting power
  • 2x higher cycling performance
  • Durable grid design
  • 24 Month Warranty
  • 550 CCA

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