Genuine STI Roof End Spoiler Levorg MY17-MY20 ST96050VV320

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Genuine STI Roof End Spoiler Levorg MY17-MY20

*Note - Cannot be fitted with Accessory Roof Spoiler

An aerodynamic performance addition developed with countless wind tunnel testing. To boost the Levorg's grand touring performance, this roof spoiler is designed to reduce sway and the amount of steering correction required on the road, as well as improve vehicle behavior.
The intricately designed shape of the vortex generators help to channel airflow for maximum vehicle stability, resulting in 39.2 N (4 kgf) increased down force*1 over the rear axle at 100 km/h in testing. At 80 km/h, yaw rate control is improved by 75% and cornering force by 67%*.
To ensure overall aerodynamic balance, installation together with the front under spoiler and skirt lips is recommended.
* STI measured values, compared to standard conditions.

P/N ST96050VV320

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