Interior Cabin Filter Impreza MY08-MY16 72880FG000


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Pollen Filter Subaru Impreza MY08-MY16

Keep the air you're breathing clean with a Genuine Subaru Cabin Filter

The Cabin Filter in your Subaru plays an essential role in filtering the air entering the car's cabin to keep out pollen, dust, dirt, fungus spores and other airborne particles that are prevalent (especially during spring). Over time the filter becomes dirty and clogged with these pollutants, which reduces its performance and effectiveness. In fact, when this filter is not operating at its peak, the level of pollutants inside your Subaru can actually increase. This can result in the driver and passengers breathing in stale, dirty air which may contribute to driver fatigue and in some cases allergic reactions or asthma. That's why Subaru recommend replacing the Cabin Filter at least once a year.



 P/N 72880FG000

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